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We’re proud to announce four Metazoa beers were recently reviewed by The Beer Connoisseur with delightful results, garnering some really huge recognition in their top beers of 2021 edition that was released yesterday.

American IPA, 6%, 50 IBUs


"Frog-Get About it will delight those looking for a balanced American IPA that hits all the right notes with nothing getting in the way."

Marmoset-5 (1).jpg

Specialty IPA, 6.3%, 25 IBUs


"Overall, this was a good representation of the New England IPA style. Quite drinkable with no obvious flaws."

IMG_1797 (1).jpg

American IPA, 7%, 40 IBUs


"A kaleidoscope of fruit and bitter notes linger long into the aftertaste and entice the next sip. The beer finishes medium dry and medium-light for the amount of flavor it packs. The alcohol is at the high end of the IPA range, but it is clean and smooth with only a mild alcohol warming. This beer is DDH done well."

2020_12_30 - DDH Release -14.jpg

Belgian Tripel, 10%, 25 IBUs


"A well-conceived example of the style that balances all the key ingredients nicely and would please even the most persnickety beer connoisseur."

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