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Dave Worthington and his family have always enjoyed donating to animal charities and fostering rescued animals, but as Dave began dreaming of owning a brewery, he realized that he wanted to offer something even more special – so Metazoa Brewing Co. was born. Since opening the brewery in 2016, Dave has continued to build the company around a promise to donate five percent of all profits to unique animal charities in Indiana and beyond. A craft-beer enthusiast to his core, Dave is a retired home brewer and usually visits over 100 breweries per year. When he’s not enjoying beer you can find Dave on the golf course, fishing, or spending quality time with his family.

  • Favorite Beer: 
    Anything with an ABV of 10% or above, and Belgians 

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Speedy, his late three-legged cat, and Charlie, Metazoa’s retired Pest Control Manager.



Lauren graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a Minor in Theater Design from Vanderbilt University in 2012 before starting a career in sales and marketing. A lifelong beer-enthusiast, animal-lover, and self-proclaimed 'foodie,' Lauren was thrilled to become part of a company whose mission and culture was as unique and inspiring as its product. In her time outside the brewery, Lauren loves to cook, practice yoga, travel, and explore the local Indianapolis theater and arts scene.


  • Favorite Beer: 
    Anything made with coffee or chocolate!

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Chimps and her white Persian cat, Sophie



On Feb. 7, 2007, Rand Wilson starting working for Dave Worthington at The Worthington Company as an on-site coordinator. He quickly proved himself invaluable to Dave. In 2012, Rand and Dave began Brewery Tours of Indianapolis together and Brewery Tours of St. Louis in 2013. As a  Marine, Rand currently holds the position of Past Commander of the American Legion Post 34 in Broad Ripple. He also enjoys riding his Harley Davidson Street Glide on long road trips or spur of the moment adventures. 

  • Favorite Beer: 
    Anything hoppy or imperial 

  • Favorite Animal: 
    All animals



Nick was raised in small town Indiana, but moved to Indianapolis to attend college. After completing his studies he worked in local nonprofits for six years. He also began to home brew right after college and fell in love with the process. Nick joined Metazoa in 2016 as the pilot brewer and has worked his way up to head brewer followed by Director of Brewing Operations. His main focus is brewing, but he also enjoys recipe formulation and developing effective and efficient processes for the brewing team. When he isn't brewing, Nick enjoys cycling and cooking. 


  • Favorite Beer: 

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Otters, foxes



Dale was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. Since 11 years old though, he spent most of his summers in South Bend, Indiana working at a summer camp. After years at the camp, a short stint in the Army, and numerous vocations, he decided in 2009 that brewing beer is what he’d really like to do for a living. In his pursuit of a beer career, which would eventually land him back in Indiana, he spent several years in Denver, and brief times both in Phoenix and Portland. He experienced and learned all different sides of brewing in the places he worked. Through a chance encounter on social media, the timing was right and Metazoa and Dale met. When not working Dale enjoys spending time with his wife Bekah and two kids.


  • Favorite Beer: 
    Favorite beer is the one in my hand. Probably hoppy but depends on mood and season.

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Mantis Shrimp is my favorite animal. Look it up if you don’t know about them!



Joey is an award-winning videographer and photographer. Before becoming a brewer Joey came from the world of marketing, PR and content creation, working for the Indiana State Museum and NUVO Newsweekly. Joey has always had a passion for beer. First, drinking it. Now, making it. He is the proud pupper-papa of two rescues - Bruce and Linda Loo.


  • Favorite Beer: 
    DIPAs and Imperial Stouts

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Bats and dogs



Although Grace is often on an adventure, she has always called Indianapolis home. After graduating high school, Grace attended IUPUI studying sport management and then did mission work in Australia, India and Nepal. Grace started as a bartender at Metazoa and became more intrigued with the beer production process, so she decided to dive into the brewing side of things. In her spare time, you can find Grace running, traveling and hanging out with her pup Opal.

  • Favorite Beer: 

  • Favorite Animal: 



Rob was born and raised in Indianapolis. He got his start in brewing in 2012 at Sun King Brewery, and was most recently the Head Brewer at Flix Brewhouse. He is also married.


  • Favorite Beer: 
    Two Brothers Domaine Dupage, Pale Strong Belgian Ales, and German Lagers of all kinds


  • Favorite Animal: 
    Bernese Mountain Dog (I have two currently) and Meerkats



Alex grew up in Centerville, OH and attended Eastern Kentucky University where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Professional Golf Management. Upon graduation he served as a PGA Assistant Golf Professional at Meridian Hills Country Club for 3 seasons. In his free time, Alex enjoys playing golf with friends, listening to podcasts, running and exploring new restaurants around Indy.

  • Favorite Beer: 
    IPAs & Belgians

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Busby, his family’s
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



John was born and raised in the Northwest side of Chicago. He attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and graduated from Columbia College with a degree in Film and Animation. After 10 years of industrial film work and Hotel audio visual work, he realized that perhaps he should look outside his intended career field for a more fulfilling vocation. 

Having a love for beer and already homebrewing for about a year, he confidently, if not irrationally,  quit his job and and enrolled at The Siebel Institute, the country's oldest brewing school. After graduation, he landed a cellar position at Goose Island Beer Co. He worked at Goose Island for 15 years and in that time, worked up to the position of Head Brewer. After Goose Island, he moved on to become Brewmaster at the Latin American-inspired startup brewery, 5 Rabbit Cerveceria. After 4 plus years at 5 Rabbit, he came to Metazoa in Indianapolis, leaving his home city for the first time. John says of the move, "I'm enjoying being a stranger in a strange land, and am really enjoying brewing in and exploring my new home."


  • Favorite Beer: 
    Depends when you catch him, but Bohemian Pilsner is always up there 

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Otters (River or Sea), the Elusive Giant Squid



Kavan grew up on the south side of Indianapolis before attending Indiana University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. It was during his time in Bloomington where he found his passion for craft beer and people, and hasn't stopped pursuing it since. In his free time, Kavan loves playing soccer, hiking, playing with his cat, Luna, and straight-haired labradoodle, Maya, and exploring fun places around the city


  • Favorite Beer: 
    Hefeweizens and IPA's


  • Favorite Animal: 
    Dogs and coral (yes they are actually animals!)



Before working at Metazoa Brewing Co., Sarah worked for three years at Heartland Film managing marketing and design initiatives for the annual 11-day Heartland Int'l Film Festival and other year-round programs and events. In 2014, Sarah received a Telecommunications degree from Indiana University with minors in Studio Art and Communication & Culture. While in college, she interned with KCET Los Angeles, NBCUniversal, and the WonderLab Museum of Science, Health, and Technology. Outside of work, Sarah loves traveling, long walks on the Monon, devouring new books, hosting dinner parties, and over-analyzing her favorite television shows.  


  • Favorite Beer: 
    Early to Rise, Blonde Ales, & Witbiers

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Her new puppy, Geoffrey Charles



Kristin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and Media Studies from DePauw University in 2017. Shortly after graduating, Kristin discovered a passion for photography and graphic design and has pursued a career in creative marketing ever since. Long time Indianapolis resident, dog mom, and craft-beer enthusiast, Kristin was thrilled to join the marketing team at her favorite brewery in Indy. When she's not working in the taproom, you can find her playing fetch with her pup Bandit, sipping vanilla lattes at one of her favorite coffee shops, or exploring Fountain Square.  


  • Favorite Beer: 
    La Vaquera Rubia, Release the Monkeys, and most witbiers.

  • Favorite Animal: 
    Red Pandas and her Blue Heeler, Bandit.

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